Benjamin D. Duval, Melannie Hartman, Ernest Marx, William J. Parton, Steven P. Long, and Evan H. DeLucia. 2015. Biogeochemical consequences of regional land use change to a biofuel crop in the southeastern United States. Ecosphere 6:265.


Appendix A: A table showing the complete list of the crop growth parameter values used to model energy cane, based on the CENTURY parameterization of sugarcane in Vallis et al. 1996.
Ecological Archives C006-103-A1.

Appendix B: A table showing the counties used to simulated pasture, corn-soy rotations and energy cane production using the DayCent model, to estimate carbon, nitrogen and greenhouse gas fluxes in the southeastern United States.
Ecological Archives C006-103-A2.