Ecological Archives C006-053-A4

Philip G. Hahn and John L. Orrock. 2015. Spatial arrangement of canopy structure and land-use history alter the effect that herbivores have on plant growth. Ecosphere 6:193.

Appendix D. Abundance of grasshopper taxa between overstory tree thinning treatments.


Fig. D1. (A) Mean abundance of grasshoppers by taxa in unthinned and thinned patches. (B) Proportion of taxa present in unthinned and thinned patches. Melanoplinae, Cyrtacanthacridinae, Oedipodinae, and Gomphocerinae are subfamilies within the family Acrididae. Tettigoniidae is the katydid family. We were not able to confirm the identity of the “unknown orthopterans” during our visual surveys. Feeding preferences of the most common species within the Melanoplinae and Cytacanthacridinae are presented in Appendix A.

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