Ecological Archives C006-053-A3

Philip G. Hahn and John L. Orrock. 2015. Spatial arrangement of canopy structure and land-use history alter the effect that herbivores have on plant growth. Ecosphere 6:193.

Appendix C. Effectiveness of herbivore exclosures and additional measures of herbivory.


Fig. C1. Proportion of leaves damaged in pseudo-exclosures and full exclosures. Plant species are: cb = Carphephorus bellidifolius, se = Sericocarpus tortifolius, sn = Solidago nemoralis, and so = Solidago odora. Error bars are ±1 SE. All comparisons between exclosures types are significant (P < 0.01) within a species.



Fig. C2. Relationship between the proportion of leaves damaged on plants exposed to herbivores (i.e., inside pseudo-exclosures) and the effect of herbivores on plant growth, measured as the difference in new leaves produced by plants in the full exclosures minus the pseudo-exclosures.

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