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Timothy D. Jardine, Ryan Woods, Jonathan Marshall, James Fawcett, Jaye Lobegeiger, Dominic Valdez, and Martin J. Kainz. 2015. Reconciling the role of organic matter pathways in aquatic food webs by measuring multiple tracers in individuals. Ecology 96:32573269.

Appendix C. Examples of fish species that undergo significant dietary or habitat shifts during their development.

Table C1. Examples of fish species that undergo significant dietary or habitat shifts during their development.


Scientific name


Pelagic to littoral/benthic shift during ontogeny

Australian smelt

Retropinna semoni

King 2005

bony bream

Nematalosa erebi

this study

common carp

Cyprinus carpio

King 2005, Britton et al. 2007

Eurasian perch

Perca fluviatilis

Vrede et al. 2011

golden perch

Macquaria ambigua

this study

murray cod

Maccullochella peelii peelii

King 2005

northern pike

Esox lucius

Bry et al. 1995

smallmouth bass

Micropterus dolomieu

Vander Zanden et al. 1998

yellow perch

Perca fulvescens

Svanback and Persson 2004

Littoral/benthic to pelagic shift during ontogeny

bluegill sunfish

Lepomis macrochirus

Mittelbach 1981

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