Mark E. Torchin, Osamu Miura, and Ryan F. Hechinger. 2015. Parasite species richness and intensity of interspecific interactions increase with latitude in two wide-ranging hosts. Ecology 96:30333042.


Appendix A: Collection localities, site IDs (corresponding to Fig. 2), number of snails dissected, parasite prevalence, and total parasite species encountered for the Pacific Cerithideopsis californica and the Atlantic C. pliculosa.
Ecological Archives E096-265-A1.

Appendix B: Trematode species and four letter codes (Fig. 1).
Ecological Archives E096-265-A2.

Appendix C: Crude estimates of (a) density (F1,34 = 11.6, P = 0.0017) and (b) occurrence (inverse of patchiness) (F1,34 = 15.6, P = 0.0004) characterizing the horn snail populations across latitudes.
Ecological Archives E096-265-A3.