Ecological Archives E096-244-A1

Dietmar Straile, Onur Kerimoglu, and Frank Peeters. 2015. Trophic mismatch requires seasonal heterogeneity of warming. Ecology 96:27942805.

Appendix A. Relationship between whitefish spawning phenology and water temperature isotherms.


Fig. A1. Exploratory analysis to identify the seasonal isotherm best suited to predict whitefish hatching. (a) AIC of linear models with auto-correlated errors to predict whitefish hatching with different temperature isotherms. Models with smaller AIC are considered to be better. (b) Relationship between spawning phenology and the 10°C isotherm. The timing of whitefish spawning can be predicted as: Timing of whitefish spawning [doy] =  259 + 0.26 * Timing 10°C isotherm [doy] (n = 21 , p < 0.0005 ).

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