Ecological Archives E096-233-A5

Connor R. Fitzpatrick, Anurag A. Agrawal, Nathan Basiliko, Amy P. Hastings, Marney E. Isaac, Michael Preston, and Marc T. J. Johnson. 2015. The importance of plant genotype and contemporary evolution for terrestrial ecosystem processes. Ecology 96:26322642.

Appendix E. Induced soil respiration rates under each of the natural and artificial substrates.


Fig. E1. Soil respiration rates under natural and artificial substrates. Numbers refer to particular O. biennis genotypes. H2O – distilled water, MC – methyl cellulose, GA – gallic acid, GM – glucose monohydrate, AA – amino acid mixture (see Methods). We show the mean respiration rate of each substrate (n = 16), plus the average standard error (SE) across all means in the lower right hand corner of the figure. Even after removing an outlying genotype from the analysis (#6), plant genotype still explained a large proportion of the variation in respiration rate (R² = 0.28, P <0.001).

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