Ecological Archives E096-219-A1

Craig R. See, Ruth D. Yanai, Melany C. Fisk, Matthew A. Vadeboncoeur, Braulio A. Quintero, and Timothy J. Fahey. 2015. Soil nitrogen affects phosphorus recycling foliar resorption and plant–soil feedbacks in a northern hardwood forest. Ecology 96:2488–2498.

Appendix A. Table of the effects of soil nutrient concentrations on foliar resorption.

Effects of soil pit nutrient concentrations (weighted by depth) on nutrient resorption across plots based on mixed models (n = 18) treating stand as a random effect. Marginal R² values indicate the strength of the correlation between the two variables, while the arrows indicate the direction of the relationship (arrows pointing up indicate a positive correlation, pointing down negative). P values for the coefficient are listed in parentheses. Weighted nutrient concentrations were calculated by summing the content estimates for each depth (Oa, 0–10 cm, 10–30 cm) and dividing by the total soil mass. Resorption efficiencies and proficiencies reflect the plot mean of all species weighted by their contribution to plot litterfall mass.


P resorption efficiency

Litterfall P

N resorption efficiency

Litterfall N

Soil C (g/kg)





Soil N (g/kg)





Recycleable soil P (g/kg)





Recycleable + apatite soil P (g/kg)





Sum of all P leaches (g/kg)





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