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Jayne L. Jonas, Deborah A. Buhl, and Amy J. Symstad. 2015. Impacts of weather on long-term patterns of plant richness and diversity vary with location and management. Ecology 96:24172432.

Appendix B. Explanation and definition of all a priori models.

A priori candidate models for AICC-based multi-model regression analysis of mean annual plant species richness and diversity in response to weather. Candidate models included all weather variables singly (models 1–28), 27 two-variable models (models 29–55), and a null model (model 0); each weather variable was included in three different models to allow calculation of relative importance values (RIVs). PPT=precipitation (mm), TEMP = temperature (°C), CV = coefficient of variation, t = growing season of sampling, t-1 = season prior to sampling.


‡Citations listed often suggested the importance of a weather variable, but may not have indicated the variable exactly as used here. For example, Adler and Levine (2007) suggest the importance of lagged effects of annual precipitation. Here, we assess seasonal, rather than annual effects.


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