Kevin Gross and Peter J. Edmunds. 2015. Stability of Caribbean coral communities quantified by long-term monitoring and autoregression. Ecology 96:15221532.


Appendix A: Detailed description of data, MAR modeling and data transformation.
Ecological Archives E096-163-A1.

Appendix B: Mathematical proofs of equations (2) and (3).
Ecological Archives E096-163-A2.

Appendix C: Residual diagnostics and analysis for cover and taxonomic models.
Ecological Archives E096-163-A3.

Appendix D: Simulation studies of small-sample properties of MAR estimators.
Ecological Archives E096-163-A4.

Appendix E: MAR model parameter estimates, full sensitivities for cover analysis, and sensitivities of variance of quasi-stationary distribution.
Ecological Archives E096-163-A5.