Ecological Archives E096-138-A1

Stuart E. Jones and Jay T. Lennon. 2015. A test of the subsidy–stability hypothesis: the effects of terrestrial carbon in aquatic ecosystems. Ecology 96:1550–1560.

Appendix A. Scaled displacement (i.e., sensitivity) of food web and ecosystem properties in response to a nutrient pulse perturbation.

Table A1. The mean and range of scaled displacement (i.e., sensitivity) for food web (chlorophyll a and zooplankton biomass) and ecosystem (gross primary productivity and ecosystem respiration) properties in response to a pulse nutrient perturbation. To facilitate comparison of displacement, we scaled the maximum displacement observed for each response variable following a pulse nutrient perturbation by the pre-perturbation mean of that response variable in each pond. The reported values can be interpreted as the fold displacement from the average pre-perturbation condition for each response variable.


Mean scaled displacement

Range of scaled displacements

Chlorophyll a


0.03 – 8.33

Zooplankton biomass


0.01 – 0.48

Gross primary production (GPP)


0.003 – 0.19

Ecosystem respiration (R)


0.003 – 0.12

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