Ecological Archives E096-126-A1

Ellen Decaestecker, Dino Verreydt, Luc De Meester, and Steven A. J. Declerck. 2015. Parasite and nutrient enrichment effects on Daphnia interspecific competition. Ecology 96:14211430.

Appendix A. A figure reflecting the data on phytoplankton chlorophyll a of the experiment: clear differences in chlorophyll a levels between nutrient levels can be seen, indicating that the nutrient treatments have been effective.


Fig. A1. Average chlorophyll a concentrations in the experimental mesocosms of each of the 5 nutrient × host community treatments, time weighted over the total experiment. Error bars denote 6 twice the standard error. Black circles and white triangles indicate the parasite and control 7 treatment, respectively.

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