Ecological Archives E096-124-A3

Maya C. Pfaff, George M. Branch, Jennifer L. Fisher, Vera Hoffmann, Allan G. Ellis, and John L. Largier . 2015. Delivery of marine larvae to shore requires multiple sequential transport mechanisms. Ecology 96:13991410.

Appendix C. A correlation matrix showing the relationship between the sea breeze index (SB) with other physical variables at Elands Bay (Fig. C1).


Fig. C1. Elands Bay: correlation matrix of daily-averaged physical variables (names indicated in diagonal histograms) showing coefficients (r, rounded and scaled in size to emphasize strong correlations), frequency distributions and scatterplots used to show relationships between the local sea breeze (Seabreeze) and other physical variables at Elands Bay. The wind-based Sea-breeze Index was positively correlated with equatorward currents in top (Curr_v_top) and bottom layers (Curr_v_bot), indicating that it reflects a physical transport mechanism.

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