Ecological Archives E096-121-A4

Eri Z. Kadoya and Hiroshi S. Ishii. 2015. Host manipulation of bumble bee queens by Sphaerularia nematodes indirectly affects foraging of non-host workers. Ecology 96:13611370.

Appendix D. Head width and proboscises length in B. terrestris workers and queens, and the length of corolla tube of white and red clover.


Fig. D1. (a) Relationship between head width and proboscises length (combined length of the prementum and glossa) in B. terrestris works (r = 0.835, P < 0.001, N = 31) and queens (r = 0.842, P < 0.001, N = 56); (b) the mean length of corolla tube of white and red clover (Trifolium repens and T. pratense). In panel b, each plant species contains 75 flower samples and the error bars represent standard deviations. The samples were obtained in 2009 after the observation periods.

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