Ecological Archives E096-096-A1

Chris H. Wilson, T. Trevor Caughlin, David J. Civitello, and S. Luke Flory. 2015. Combining mesocosm and filed experiments to predict invasive plant performance: a hierarchical Bayesian approach. Ecology 96:10841092.

Appendix A. Posterior sampling distribution of the ratio of individual and site-level dispersion constants for hierarchical biomass model.


Fig. A1. Posterior sampling distribution of the ratio of dispersion constants (n = 1000 samples of the posterior). Since our distribution is asymmetric we chose not to rely on the normal approximation, and instead calculated the probability that the ratio was larger than 1 (i.e., that site-level dispersion was greater than individual-level dispersion) by counting the number of samples greater than 1 and dividing by 1000.

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