Ecological Archives E096-086-A3

L. J. Lamit, M. K. Lau, R. Reese Næsborg, T. Wojtowicz, T. G. Whitham, and C. A. Gehring. 2015. Genotype variation in bark texture drives lichen community assembly across multiple environments. Ecology 96:960–971.

Appendix C. All species in the ONC, GxE, and Uintah data sets plotted over rough bark cover.

Species' covers in relation to rough bark, at common gardens (ONC = left, Pit = center), and the Uintah natural stand chronosequence (right). Each row of graphs corresponds to a lichen species, and graphs are excluded when a species does not occur at a site. Box plots (median, quartile, range) for each garden are ranked by increasing average rough bark % cover (in parentheses after genotype labels), while scatter plots from the Uintah site are fit with lowess splines. Note the variation in y-axis scales.




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