Ecological Archives E096-082-A4

Cyrus A. Mallon, Franck Poly, Xavier Le Roux, Irene Marring, Jan Dirk Van Elsas, and Joana Falcão Salles. 2015. Resource pulses can alleviate the biodiversity–invasion relationship in soil microbial communities. Ecology 96:915–926.

Appendix D. Rarefaction curves of 16S pyrosequencing data from removal experiment.


Fig. D1. Rarefaction curves of 16S pyrosequencing data for diversity treatments in the removal experiment. Each data point represents the average number of sequences obtained for three replicates. Although no curve reached a definitive plateau, the spread between the high diverse treatments (10-1 and 10-3) and low diverse treatment (10-6) indicates that estimations of species richness are reliable between treatments.

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