Ecological Archives E096-082-A1

Cyrus A. Mallon, Franck Poly, Xavier Le Roux, Irene Marring, Jan Dirk Van Elsas, and Joana Falcão Salles. 2015. Resource pulses can alleviate the biodiversity–invasion relationship in soil microbial communities. Ecology 96:915–926.

Appendix A. Table of broken stick assembly of communities in the assemblage experiment.

Table A1. Broken stick assembly of communiites in the assemblage experiment. We began by randomly shuffling the pool of 75 strains into 3 groups, which were created into 10 sticks of 30 species (in yellow). These sticks were broken to create 12 sticks of 10 species (green), and those sticks were further broken to create 24 sticks of 5 species (brown). Each stick represents a community, the top row indicating the species richness level and replicate number (e.g., 30R1 = 30 species; Replicate 1).

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