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Thibaut de Bettignies, Thomas Wernberg, Paul S. Lavery, Mathew A. Vanderklift, Jim R. Gunson, Graham Symonds, and Neil Collier. 2015. Phenological decoupling of mortality from wave forcing in kelp beds. Ecology 96:850861.

Appendix C. Relationship between modelled and measured drag for Ecklonia radiata.


Fig. C1. Relationship between modelled and measured drag using data from de Bettignies et al. (2013a). The 95% confidence bands and 95% prediction bands are represented respectively in blue and red.


Literature cited

de Bettignies, T., T. Wernberg, and P. S. Lavery. 2013a. Size, not morphology, determines hydrodynamic performance of a kelp during peak flow. Marine Biology 160:843–851.

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