Ecological Archives E096-073-A4

Helen C. Wheeler, Toke T. Høye, Niels Martin Schmidt, Jens-Christian Svenning, and Mads C. Forchhammer. 2015. Phenological mismatch with abiotic conditions—implications for flowering in Arctic plants. Ecology 96:775–787.

Appendix D. Interannual trends in timing of flowering and comparison of plots.


Fig. D1. Time series of timing of peak flowering for four flowering plants at Zackenberg. Dashed lines show turning points estimated from quadratic regressions of seasonal flower output against timings of peak flowering at which peak flower output was estimated. Symbols represent different plots.


Fig. D2. Distribution of timings of peak flowering in four species of arctic plant species in Zackenberg, Greenland. Cas = C. tetragona, Dry = D. octopetala, Pap = P. radicatum, Sal = S. arctica.

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