Ecological Archives E096-066-A5

Timothy D. Jardine, Nicholas R. Bond, Michele A. Burford, Mark J. Kennard, Douglas P. Ward, Peter Bayliss, Peter M. Davies, Michael M. Douglas, Stephen K. Hamilton, John M. Melack, Robert J. Naiman, Neil E. Pettit, Bradley J. Pusey, Danielle M. Warfe, and Stuart E. Bunn. 2015. Does flood rhythm drive ecosystem responses in tropical riverscapes? Ecology 96:684692.

Appendix E. Frequency histograms of inter-flood interval and maximum annual flow for representative rivers.


Fig. E1. Frequency histograms of inter-flood interval (A, days) and maximum annual flow (B, m3 s-1) for representative rivers from South America (green) and Australia (orange), with corresponding rhythm rank scores (see Methods). Inter-flood interval was calculated as the number of days between events that exceeded the upper 80th percentile of flows for the record.

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