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Timothy D. Jardine, Nicholas R. Bond, Michele A. Burford, Mark J. Kennard, Douglas P. Ward, Peter Bayliss, Peter M. Davies, Michael M. Douglas, Stephen K. Hamilton, John M. Melack, Robert J. Naiman, Neil E. Pettit, Bradley J. Pusey, Danielle M. Warfe, and Stuart E. Bunn. 2015. Does flood rhythm drive ecosystem responses in tropical riverscapes? Ecology 96:684692.

Appendix B. Examples of correlations between in-stream gauge readings and floodplain inundation.


Fig. B1. Examples of correlations between in-stream gauge readings and floodplain inundation: (A) inundated area (km²) vs. discharge (m3/s) from the Ogeechee River, USA (adapted from Benke et al. 2000); (B) inundated area (km²) vs. stage height (m) for Cooper Creek, Australia (adapted from Cobon and Toombs 2007). See also Hamilton et al. (2002) for several South American examples.


Literature cited

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