Ecological Archives E096-064-A5

Xubing Liu, Rampal S. Etienne, Minxia Liang, Yongfan Wang, and Shixiao Yu. 2015. Experimental evidence for an intraspecific Janzen-Connell effect mediated by soil biota. Ecology 96:662671.

Appendix E. Figure depicting seedling survival rate of each treatment.


Fig. E1. Effect of soil biota on the survival of (a–c) Castanopsis fissa and (d–f) Canarium album seedlings (n = 30 per treatment) in a shade-house experiment at the field site. For each species, seedlings from five populations (A, B, C, D, and E) were transplanted into autoclaved field soil or treated with soil material obtained beneath adult conspecific trees of both own and all four foreign populations (field soil) or pathogen filtrate extracted from in a fully reciprocal design. Error bars represent the 95% adjusted Wald confidence intervals.

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