Ecological Archives E096-061-A1

Julius A. Ellrich, Ricardo A. Scrosati, and Markus Molis. 2015. Predator nonconsumptive effects on prey recruitment weaken with recruit density. Ecology 96:611616.

Appendix A. Cage design used to manipulate dogwhelk presence.


Fig. A1. Experimental unit. (A) Top view of a cage, showing (a) the PVC ring of 25 cm in diameter, (b) the central compartment containing (c) the barnacle recruitment plate, and (d) the peripheral compartment containing (e) the dogwhelks. The (f) top mesh of the central compartment appears open in this picture to improve viewing of the recruitment plate, but it remained closed with plastic cable ties during the experiments. The cage was secured with (g) screws to the substrate. (B) Side view of the cage, showing its limited height (2.5 cm). Photo credits: Julius A. Ellrich.

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