Ecological Archives E096-056-A4

Minxia Liang, Xubing Liu, Rampal S. Etienne, Fengmin Huang, Yongfan Wang, and Shixiao Yu. 2015. Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi counteract the Janzen-Connell effect of soil pathogens. Ecology 96:562574.

Appendix D. Additional seedling growth results.


Fig. D1. Host-specific feedback effects of soil biota on seedling growth: (a) aboveground biomass; (b) belowground biomass. The growth responses of six tree species to AMF, pathogens, field soil and sterile soil fractions obtained beneath adult tress of their own species (gray bars) or beneath the other five species (white bars). Bars represent the mean biomass ± SE. Different lowercase letters represent significant differences among treatments (P < 0.05). CC: Cryptocarya concinna; OP: Ormosia pachycarpa; EF: Engelhardia fenzelii; SS: Schima superba; OG: Ormosia glaberrima; CA: Canavium ablum.



Fig. D2. The relationships between mean seedling biomass: (a) aboveground biomass and (b) belowground biomass and conspecific distance in AMF, pathogens, field soil and sterile soil treatments. Solid lines indicate linear regressions significance at P < 0.05 and the dashed line indicate significant at P < 0.1.

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