Alejandro Gustavo Farji-Brener, Federico Chinchilla, María Natalia Umaña, María Elena Ocasio-Torres, Alexander Chauta-Mellizo, Diana Acosta-Rojas, Sofía Marinaro, Mónica de Torres Curth, and Sabrina Amador-Vargas. 2015. Branching angles reflect a trade-off between reducing trail maintenance costs or travel distances in leaf-cutting ants. Ecology 96:510–517.


Appendix A: Mathematical rationale of the tradeoff function of branching angles that yields the maximum payoff.
Ecological Archives E096-052-A1.

Appendix B: ANOVA tables for the comparison of branching angles between colonies of Atta cephalotes and Atta colombica in different habitats, considering trails or colonies as replicates.
Ecological Archives E096-052-A2.

Appendix C: Description of the experimental approach.
Ecological Archives E096-052-A3.