Ecological Archives E096-040-A3

Lenka Kuglerová, Roland Jansson, Ryan A. Sponseller, Hjalmar Laudon, and Birgitta Malm-Renöfält. 2015. Local and regional processes determine plant species richness in a river-network metacommunity. Ecology 96:381–391.

Appendix C. Relationship between stream size and plant growth forms.


Fig. C1. The proportion of different growth forms in the plant assemblages at each site (n = 40) along the stream-size gradient was investigated by least square regressions (trend lines). The proportions of (a) graminoid and (b) herb species significantly increased with increasing stream size while the proportions of (c) shrub and (d) tree species significantly decreased. P and r2 values are results of the individual OLRs.

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