Ecological Archives E096-014-A8

Daniel C. Schlatter, Matthew G. Bakker, James M. Bradeen, and Linda L. Kinkel. 2015. Plant community richness and microbial interactions structure bacterial communities in soil. Ecology 96:134142.

Appendix H. Correlation network among bacterial OTUs across samples.


Fig. H1. (A) Correlation network (positive correlations only; n = 148 edges) among bacterial OTUs across samples. Nodes (OTUs; n = 136) belonging to large modules (n ≥ 7 OTUs) are colored by module assignment. Large modules (n ≥ 7 OTUs) are labeled. (B) Pearson correlations between the relative abundances of OTUs belonging to different modules with plant community and soil characteristics.

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