Ecological Archives E096-013-A1

A. van der Wal, E. Ottosson, and W. de Boer. 2015. Neglected role of fungal community composition in explaining variation in wood decay rates. Ecology 96:124133.

Appendix A. Three figures showing relationships between sapwood decay, wood moisture content and stump diameter; percentage of most abundant OTUs in freshly cut trees; and relationship between sapwood decay and OTU richness in old stumps.


Fig. A1. Relation between sapwood decay in oak stumps (presented as % of wood mass loss), wood moisture content and tree stump diameter. A & B: measured in young samples (1.4 years since cutting), C & D: measured in old samples (5.3 years since cutting).



Fig. A2. Percentage of most abundant operational taxonomic units (OTUs) in sapwood samples collected from freshly cut oak trees. (A): Ascomycota, (B): Basidiomycota. Numbers between brackets indicate OTU number (see Appendix B) of OTUs that could not be identified to the species level.



Fig. A3. Relation between sapwood decay (presented as % of wood mass loss) and the number of OTUs (OTU richness) measured in old samples (5.3 years since cutting) taken from oak stumps.

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