Ecological Archives E096-004-A2

Leonor Álvarez-Cansino, Stefan A. Schnitzer, Joseph P. Reid, and Jennifer S. Powers. 2015. Liana competition with tropical trees varies seasonally but not with tree species identity. Ecology 96:39–45.

Appendix B. Methods for meteorological variables.

In all six study plots, we recorded relative humidity and temperature every 10 minutes with a temperature and relative humidity sensor CS215 placed 5 m above the ground under the canopy attached to a CR 1000 data-logger and a 16/32 AM416 channel multiplexer (Campbell Scientific, Logan, Utah). Solar radiation above the canopy was recorded every 10 minutes using a LI200X pyranometer (LICor, Campbell Scientific, UT, USA) and daily precipitation was measured with a 200 mm diameter manual rain gauge NovaLynx Model 260-2510 (NovaLynx Corporation, Auburn, CA); both sensors were located in an open field meteorological station on Barro Colorado Island, 3 km away from the study plots (data provided by the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute).

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