Daniel J. McGlinn and Michael W. Palmer. 2009. Modeling the sampling effect in the species–time–area relationship. Ecology 90:836–846.


Appendix A: Derivation of the expected slope of the loglog speciesarea relationship, zE, and the expected slope of the loglog speciestime relationship, wE.
Ecological Archives E090-057-A1.

Appendix B: Derivation of uE, the partial derivative of zE and wE with respect to the natural logarithm of time and area, respectively.
Ecological Archives E090-057-A2.

Appendix C : Graphics displaying the predictions of the sampling model for five relative abundance distributions (RADs) with different levels of evenness and five values of the replacement rate (R).
Ecological Archives E090-057-A3.


Supplement 1: R code for the sampling effect model.
Ecological Archives E090-057-S1.


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