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In the interest of making scientific findings available for distribution and citation as quickly as possible following acceptance, we are pleased to now offer authors the option of posting an online pre-publication version of their accepted manuscript as a "preprint." The preprint is a PDF of the final version that was uploaded and approved by the author(s). The preprint will include the final DOI and will be citable as "in press." Upon publication, the final version will have the same DOI as the preprint. While the paper has been through the usual rigorous peer review process of ESA journals, it has not been copy-edited, nor have the graphics and tables been modified for final publication. Also note that the paper may refer to online Appendices and/or Supplements that are not yet available. Readers should be aware that the final, published version will look different from this version and may also have some differences in content.


Frequently asked questions

Will I be notified when my preprint is posted?

No, you will not be notified. Preprints should appear within a week of your agreement to post a preprint.

Where are preprints posted?

All our articles are posted at . Under each journal title there is a link for "Preprints".

Can I make any corrections to my pdf before it is posted?

No. The final version of your manuscript which you uploaded to EcoTrack will be used to harvest the pdf. No changes can be made for the preprint after the final version is uploaded and approved by the author. The abstract and the order of authors for the preprint will be copied from the metadata, and not the manuscript itself. The author affiliations for the abstract will come from the author's profile on EcoTrack, so each author should make sure these are correct.

What will happen to the preprint once the final article is published online in an issue?

Once an article is published in an issue, the preprint will immediately disappear.

Can anyone view a preprint?

No, only subscribers can view the preprints. As with articles published in an issue, anyone can view the abstract.

Is there a charge for preprints?

No, there is no additional charge for preprints.

Will preprints be available for the final edited version?

No, preprints are only available for the raw, unedited version. The final copy-edited version will appear only when an issue is published.

How should a preprint be cited?

Preprints should be cited using the following format:

Author(s). Title. Ecology/EM/EA, in press. [doi: 10.1890/XX-XXXX.1]

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