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Financial Arrangements

Ecology, Ecological Applications, Ecological Monographs


Page Charges:

Publishing ESA journals is expensive and authors with research grants are expected to pay page charges. Charges of $75.00 per printed page will be assessed on articles accepted for publication. This is about 1/4 of the actual processing and printing costs. All papers (including Special features and invited papers) are subject to page charges unless the author is otherwise informed by the Managing Editor. These arrangements follow the acceptance of manuscripts for publication in journals of the Ecological Society of America.

Color photographs and figures incur an additional charge of $360 each.

ESA members without grants, institutional monies, or personal funding may apply for a grant from Society funds by submitting the proper form to ESA Headquarters. ESA grants may cover the charges for no more than 15 pages per author per year printed in Ecology and Ecological Applications, or 21 pages per author per year printed in Ecological Monographs. Page charge grants awarded for co-authored papers will count against the maximum grant for each co-author. (Example: A 15-page grant is awarded for a paper by Smith, Jones, and Baker in the January issue of Ecology. Subsequent papers published in the same calendar year by Jones in Ecological Applications, and by Adams and Baker in Ecological Monographs will be ineligible for ESA grants.)

Authors are reminded that many granting agencies allow for an encumbrance of publication charges beyond grant expiration. Advance billing is available upon request.

Page charge arrangements are not required until a manuscript is accepted for publication. The page charge grant request form is sent out with the publication agreement after a manuscript is accepted. Manuscripts are not sent to press until these arrangements are completed.

Ecological Archives:
There are no charges for publication of appendices and supplements in Ecological Archives up to a current maximum of 10 MB; above 10MB there is a fee of $250 for the first 1 GB and $50 for each subsequent GB. The fee for publication of a data paper is $250 for publication of the abstract in the relevant journal plus publication of up to 10 MB in Ecological Archives. An additional $250 is charged for data sets between 10MG and 1GB, and for larger datasets there is an additional $50 per GB fee. Archival material for any one paper or data paper may not exceed 50 GB. No grants are available for posting very large (> 10 MB) appendices or supplements in Ecological Archives

Other Charges:
Excessive changes in proof or remaking of artwork as a result of the author's error or request, and special handling of illustrations (such as color) are the responsibility of the author. All manuscripts accepted for Ecological Monographs will be assessed a $50 data curation and archiving fee. Authors of manuscripts accepted for Ecological Applications will be responsible for any fees charged by external data repositories in order to comply with the data archiving requirement.

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