Ecological Archives M085-004-A1

Joshuah S. Perkin, Keith B. Gido, Arthur R. Cooper, Thomas F. Turner, Megan J. Osborne, Eric R. Johnson, and Kevin B. Mayes. 2015. Fragmentation and dewatering transform Great Plains stream fish communities. Ecological Monographs 85:7392.

Appendix A. A map illustrating location of 39 stream fragments and 448 fish community samples included in analysis of fish community structure across the Great Plains.


Fig. A1. Distribution of 448 fish community samples taken during 1993–2013 associated with 39 large stream fragments in five Great Plains river basins. Fragments are defined by barriers (open squares) documented in the National Anthropogenic Barrier Dataset. The western edge of the High Plains Aquifer is shown. Note points are stacked for collections taken from the same location. See Table 2 for descriptions of stream fragments.

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