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Digital Appendices and Supplements for Ecological Monographs, Volume 82, 2012


Wing, Scott L., Caroline A. E. Strömberg, Leo J. Hickey, Fleur Tiver, Brian Willis, Robyn J. Burnham, and Anna K. Behrensmeyer. 2012.
Floral and environmental gradients on a Late Cretaceous landscape.
Ecological Monographs 82:23–47.
Ecological Archives M082-001.

Powell, Erinn N., Philip A. Townsend, and Kenneth F. Raffa. 2012.
Wildfire provides refuge from local extinction but is an unlikely driver of outbreaks by mountain pine beetle.
Ecological Monographs 82:69–84.
Ecological Archives M082-002.

Bang, Christofer, Stanley H. Faeth, and John L. Sabo. 2012.
Control of arthropod abundance, richness, and composition in a heterogeneous desert city.
Ecological Monographs 82:85–100.
Ecological Archives M082-003.

Bracho, Rosvel, Gregory Starr, Henry L. Gholz, Timothy A. Martin, Wendell P. Cropper, and Henry W. Loescher. 2012.
Controls on carbon dynamics by ecosystem structure and climate for southeastern U.S. slash pine plantations.
Ecological Monographs 82:101–128.
Ecological Archives M082-004.

Woods, Ellen C., Amy P. Hastings, Nash E. Turley, Stephen B. Heard, and Anurag A. Agrawal. 2012.
Adaptive geographical clines in the growth and defense of a native plant.
Ecological Monographs 82:149–168.
Ecological Archives M082-005.

Voelker, Steven L., Paul-Emile Noirot-Cosson, Michael C. Stambaugh, Erin R. McMurry, Frederick C. Meinzer, Barbara Lachenbruch, and Richard P. Guyette. 2012.
Spring temperature responses of oaks are synchronous with North Atlantic conditions during the last deglaciation.
Ecological Monographs 82:169–187.
Ecological Archives M082-006.

Baribault, Thomas W., Richard K. Kobe, and Andrew O. Finley. 2012.
Tropical tree growth is correlated with soil phosphorus, potassium, and calcium, though not for legumes.
Ecological Monographs 82:189–203.
Ecological Archives M082-007.

Vergutz, Leonardus, Stefano Manzoni, Amilcare Porporato, Roberto Ferreira Novais, and Robert B. Jackson. 2012.
Global resorption efficiencies and concentrations of carbon and nutrients in leaves of terrestrial plants.
Ecological Monographs 82:205–220.
Ecological Archives M082-008.

Mascaro, Joseph, R. Flint Hughes, and Stefan A. Schnitzer. 2012.
Novel forests maintain ecosystem processes after the decline of native tree species.
Ecological Monographs 82:221–238.
Ecological Archives M082-009.

Mellard, Jarad P., Kohei Yoshiyama, Christopher A. Klausmeier, and Elena Litchman. 2012.
Experimental test of phytoplankton competition for nutrients and light in poorly mixed water columns.
Ecological Monographs 82:239–256.
Ecological Archives M082-010.

Dray, S., R. Pélissier, P. Couteron, M.-J. Fortin, P. Legendre, P. R. Peres-Neto, E. Bellier, R. Bivand, F. G. Blanchet, M. De Cáceres, A.-B. Dufour, E. Heegaard, T. Jombart, F. Munoz, J. Oksanen, J. Thioulouse, and H. H. Wagner. 2012.
Community ecology in the age of multivariate multiscale spatial analysis.
Ecological Monographs 82:257–275.
Ecological Archives M082-011.

McClintock, Brett T., Ruth King, Len Thomas, Jason Matthiopoulos, Bernie J. McConnell, and Juan M. Morales. 2012.
A general discrete-time modeling framework for animal movement using multi-state random walks.
Ecological Monographs 82:335–349.
Ecological Archives M082-012.

Hobbie, Sarah E., William C. Eddy, Christopher R. Buyarski, E. Carol Adair, Megan L. Ogdahl, and Pamela Weisenhorn. 2012.
Response of decomposing litter and its microbial community to multiple forms of nitrogen enrichment.
Ecological Monographs 82:389–405.
Ecological Archives M082-013.



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