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Digital Supplements for Ecosphere, Volume 3, 2012



Shefferson, Richard P., Tiiu Kull, Kadri Tali, and Kimberly M. Kellett. 2012.
Linking vegetative dormancy to fitness in two long-lived herbaceous perennials.
Ecosphere 3:art13.
Ecological Archives C003-001.

Carscallen, W. Mather A., Kristen Vandenberg, Julia M. Lawson, Neo D. Martinez, and Tamara N. Romanuk. 2012.
Estimating trophic position in marine and estuarine food webs.
Ecosphere 3:art25.
Ecological Archives C003-002.

Dzialak, Matthew R., Chad V. Olson, Seth M. Harju, Stephen L. Webb, and Jeffrey B. Winstead. 2012.
Temporal and hierarchical spatial components of animal occurrence: conserving seasonal habitat for greater sage-grouse.
Ecosphere 3:art30.
Ecological Archives C003-003.

Efford, Murray G., and Deanna K. Dawson. 2012.
Occupancy in continuous habitat.
Ecosphere 3:art32.
Ecological Archives C003-004.

Bowen, Gabriel J., Casey D. Kennedy, Paul D. Henne, and Tonglin Zhang. 2012.
Footprint of recycled water subsidies downwind of Lake Michigan.
Ecosphere 3:art53.
Ecological Archives C003-005.

Ives, Anthony R., and Vasilis Dakos. 2012.
Detecting dynamical changes in nonlinear time series using locally linear state-space models.
Ecosphere 3:art58.
Ecological Archives C003-006.

Anadón, J. D., T. Wiegand, and A. Giménez. 2012.
Individual-based movement models reveals sex-biased effects of landscape fragmentation on animal movement.
Ecosphere 3:art64.
Ecological Archives C003-007.

Chesson, Lesley A., Brett J. Tipple, Glen N. Mackey, Scott A. Hynek, Diego P. Fernandez, and James R. Ehleringer. 2012.
Strontium isotopes in tap water from the coterminous USA.
Ecosphere 3:art67.
Ecological Archives C003-008.

Grace, J. B., D. R. Schoolmaster, Jr., G. R. Guntenspergen, A. M. Little, B. R. Mitchell, K. M. Miller, and E. W. Schweiger. 2012.
Guidelines for a graph-theoretic implementation of structural equation modeling.
Ecosphere 3:art73.
Ecological Archives C003-009.

Jackson, M. M., M. G. Turner, S. M. Pearson, and A. R. Ives. 2012.
Seeing the forest and the trees: multilevel models reveal both species and community patterns.
Ecosphere 3:art79.
Ecological Archives C003-010.

Scheller, Robert M., Alec M. Kretchum, Steve Van Tuyl, Kenneth L. Clark, Melissa S. Lucash, and John Hom. 2012.
Divergent carbon dynamics under climate change in forests with diverse soils, tree species, and land use histories.
Ecosphere 3:art110.
Ecological Archives C003-011.

Timling, I., A. Dahlberg, D. A. Walker, M. Gardes, J. Y. Charcosset, J. M. Welker, and D.L. Taylor. 2012.
Distribution and drivers of ectomycorrhizal fungal communities across the North American Arctic.
Ecosphere 3:art111.
Ecological Archives C003-012.

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