Ecological Archives E096-272-A2

Angie Haslem, Dale G. Nimmo, James Q. Radford, and Andrew F. Bennett. 2015. Landscape properties mediate the homogenization of bird assemblages during climatic extremes. Ecology 96:31653174.

Appendix B. Graph of mean annual rainfall for the study region.


Fig. B1. Mean annual rainfall (mm) between 1950 and 2013 for the study region in north-central Victoria, Australia. Annual rainfall totals have been averaged across 10 representative weather stations (circles); the dashed line shows the long-term mean annual rainfall, taken across the same stations, over this 64-year period. Gray bars represent the three survey periods: T1 (2002/2003; early drought), T2 (2006/2007; mid drought) and T2 (2011/2012; post drought). Data were obtained from the Bureau of Meteorology website for the following weather stations: Dunolly, Bendigo Prison, Bendigo Airport, Seymour, Wedderburn, Maryborough, Creswick, Euroa, Chiltern and Tatura.

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