Ecological Archives E096-272-A1

Angie Haslem, Dale G. Nimmo, James Q. Radford, and Andrew F. Bennett. 2015. Landscape properties mediate the homogenization of bird assemblages during climatic extremes. Ecology 96:31653174.

Appendix A. Study area map.


Fig. A1. Location of 24 study landscapes within the study region in north-central Victoria, Australia, with gray shading indicating native wooded tree cover (i.e., as represented by TREE). The graph depicts the range in overall native vegetation cover (TREE) across study landscapes (landscape numbers match map labels). Figure taken from Radford and Bennett (2007), ©Wiley.


Literature cited

Radford, J. Q., and A. F. Bennett. 2007. The relative importance of landscape properties for woodland birds in agricultural environments. Journal of Applied Ecology 44:737–747. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2664.2007.01327.x

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