Ecological Archives E096-246-A11

Florent Mazel, Julien Renaud, François Guilhaumon, David Mouillot, Dominique Gravel, and Wilfried Thuiller. 2015. Mammalian phylogenetic diversity—area relationships at a continental scale. Ecology 96:2814–2822.

Appendix K. Null C and Z values under the biogeographical null.


We fitted the classical power model (PD = cAz) to Eurasian biogeographical null model and observed PDARs and assessed the significance of the observed PDAR parameters (c and z) against the null expectations (* indicates a two sided p value at 5%). Red line correspond to the observed parameter value while grey bars represent the density of the null expectations, with black line represents median, box expands from the first to the third quartile while the whiskers extend to the most extreme data point which is no more than 1.5 times the inter quartile range, points represent outliers.

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