Ecological Archives E096-246-A4

Florent Mazel, Julien Renaud, François Guilhaumon, David Mouillot, Dominique Gravel, and Wilfried Thuiller. 2015. Mammalian phylogenetic diversity—area relationships at a continental scale. Ecology 96:2814–2822.

Appendix D. Congruence between analytical and null model approach.


Mean continental null model expectations (as calculated with 1000 repetitions) against the analytical expectation of PD using the framework of Nipperess and Matsen (2013). This model only uses a given number of species and a phylogenetic tree to produce an analytical expectation of the corresponding PD assuming that each species can be drawn with equal probability and without replacement from the species pool.

[1]      D. Nipperess and F. Matsen, “The mean and variance of phylogenetic diversity under rarefaction,” Methods Ecol. Evol., vol. 4, no. 6, pp. 566–572, 2013.

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