Ecological Archives E096-242-A2

Eugenio Larios and D. Lawrence Venable. 2015. Maternal adjustment of offspring provisioning and the consequences for dispersal. Ecology 96:27712780.

Appendix B. Mericarp size change relationship.


Fig. B1. Relationship between measurements of mericarp diameter (mm) in two different stages of plant development. “Original diameter” refers to a measurement of mericarp diameter when the seed had recently germinated (15 days after germination). “New diameter” refers to a second measurement of the mericarp diameter two months after seeds germinated. Data was analyzed with reduced major axes (RMA) regression. RMA slope is 0.988 and not different from 1 (Confidence intervals: 0.832, 1.175). RMA intercept is -0.223 and not different from 0 (Confidence intervals: -1.067, 0.476).

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