Ecological Archives E096-217-A1

Alexander Wacker, Vanessa Marzetz, and Elly Spijkerman. 2015. Interspecific competition in phytoplankton drives the availability of essential mineral and biochemical nutrients. Ecology 96:24672477.

Appendix A. Optical density (800 nm) of phytoplankton species grown in monocultures and the three communities during the time course of the experiment.


Fig. A1. Optical density (800 nm) of Synechococcus elongatus (Syn), Acutodesmus obliquus (Acu), Cyclotella meneghiana (Cyc), Cryptomonas ovata (Cry), and Nannochloropsis limnetica (Nan) grown in monocultures (open symbols) and the three communities C1, C2, and C3 (filled symbols) during the time course of the experiment. Upper and lower panel show cultures with Pi-replete and Pi-limited pre-culture, respectively. For clarity of figure only mean values of three replicate cultures are shown.

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