Ecological Archives E096-143-A1

Hannah M. Griffiths, Julio Louzada, Richard D. Bardgett, Wallace Beiroz, Filipe Franҫa, Daniel Tregidgo, and Jos Barlow. 2015. Biodiversity and environmental context predict dung beetle-mediated seed dispersal in a tropical forest field experiment. Ecology 96:16071619.

Appendix A. Photographs of experimental plots.


Fig. A1. Examples of experimental plots created by burying nylon letting 10cm into the soil in a 50 × 50cm square on the forest floor. Photo (a) shows a plot open for colonization by dung beetles, (b) is an example of a plot closed using pegs following dung beetle colonization; no beetle can enter or leave. Photographs taken by H.M. Griffiths.

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