Ecological Archives E096-137-A4

Hunter S. Lenihan, James L. Hench, Sally J. Holbrook, Russell J. Schmitt, and Matthew Potoski. 2015. Hydrodynamics influence coral performance through simultaneous direct and indirect effects. Ecology 96:15401549.

Appendix D. Description of corallivorous fish assemblage, patterns of corallivore abundance in the experiment, and figure illustrating spatial variation in corallivore guilds across the sampling sites.

Facultative and obligate corallivorous fish were counted along transects at each site (L1–L5). There were 13 species of facultative corallivores and four species of obligate corallivores, including the chevron butteflyfish (Chaetodon trifascialis), for which we counted bite rates and calculated consumer pressure (see Methods). The abundance of facultative and obligate corallivorous, as well as C. trifascialis, differed across sites L1–L5 but the general pattern of abundance among corallivores was similar (Fig. D1).


Fig. D1. Mean (± 95% CI) density of corallivores sampled at the study sites.

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