Ecological Archives E096-116-A3

Sara Tomiolo, Wim H. van der Putten, and Katja Tielbörger. 2015. Separating the role of biotic interactions and climate in determining adaptive response of plants to climate change. Ecology 96:1298–1308.

Appendix C. Average density of neighbors emerging from each soil origin in the field and greenhouse experiments, and graphs for the neighbor × soil origin interaction.

Table C1. Average number of individuals emerging from each soil origin in the field and in the greenhouse experiment. The pattern shows a higher species abundance and richness in M soil regardless of site (i.e., climate).


Field experiment

SA site

SA soil




M site

SA soil


M soil



Greenhouse experiment


SA soil



M soil






Fig. C1. Illustration of soil × neighbors interactions. Seed production, i.e., average (+/- SE) number of seeds per plant in response to soil origin × neighbors both in the field (left) and greenhouse (right) experiment. The target species are indicated in each row. For the greenhouse experiment the results refer to the full database. SA indicates semi-arid soil origin and M Mediterranean soil origin.

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