Ecological Archives E096-076-A3

Aarón González-Castro, María Calviño-Cancela, and Manuel Nogales. 2015. Comparing seed dispersal effectiveness by frugivores at the community level. Ecology 96:808–818.

Appendix C. Relative importance of the quantity and quality components in determining seed dispersal effectiveness (SDE).

Table C1. Coefficients of determination (R²) of the quantity and quality components with the SDE1 (seedling emergence stage) and SDE2 (1-yr-old seedlings stage) provided by birds and lizards for each plant species studied. Coefficients of very high value (R² ≥ 0.80) are in red, high values in orange (0.60 < R2 ≤ 0.79), moderate values in green (0.40 < R² ≤ 0.59), low values in blue (0.20 < R² ≤ 0.39), and very low values in gray (R² < 0.20). P < 0.01 in all cases.


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