Ecological Archives E096-067-A8

Melissa Whitman and James D. Ackerman. 2015. Terrestrial orchids in a tropical forest: best sites for abundance differ from those for reproduction. Ecology 96:693704.

Appendix H. Plots of isometric and allometric scaling of Prescottia stachyodes reproductive effort as a function of plant size.

Vegetative size (lamina area cm²) influence on scape length mm (R² = 0.37, P < 0.001) and estimated total number of flowers (R² = 0.50, P < 0.001). Reduced Major Axis (RMA) slope for scape length mm ∝ vegetative size (lamina area cm²) was 0.62 (C.I. 0.45, 0.83), and the slope for total number of flowers ∝ vegetative size (lamina area cm²) was 0.98 (C.I. 0.75, 1.28).


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