Ecological Archives E096-067-A7

Melissa Whitman and James D. Ackerman. 2015. Terrestrial orchids in a tropical forest: best sites for abundance differ from those for reproduction. Ecology 96:693704.

Appendix G. Plots of top ranked Generalized Additive Model (GAM) fit for Prescottia stachyodes presence and absence.

Plots illustrating the fit of top ranked GAM Model (orchid presence ~ s(X,Y) + indicator species + diffuse solar radiation residuals), plotted per Indicator Species relationship category (positive Indicator Species, negative Indicator Species, both positive and negative, no Indicator Species) with probability of orchid presence shown on x-axis and range of diffuse solar radiation residual values shown on y-axis. Model prediction shown in black line, 95% Confidence Interval with grey dash line, observed orchid presence as ticks at top of plot, and orchid absence as ticks at bottom of plot. Values for diffuse solar radiation residuals were based on linear regression where degree slope was independent (x-axis) and diffuse solar radiation was dependent (y-axis).



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