Ecological Archives E096-011-A1

Katja Steinauer, David Tilman, Peter D. Wragg, Simone Cesarz, Jane M. Cowles, Karin Pritsch, Peter B. Reich, Wolfgang W. Weisser, and Nico Eisenhauer. 2015. Plant diversity effects on soil microbial functions and enzymes are stronger than warming in a grassland experiment. Ecology 96:99112.

Appendix A. Linear Model table of F and P values on the effects of plant diversity (PD: 1, 4 and 16 plant species) on mass enzyme activity of 1,4 -β-glucosidase, cellobiohydrolase, 1,4-β-N-acetyl-glucosaminidase, phosphatase, peroxidase, phenol oxidase, and urease of (a) 2011 and (b) 2012.

Table A1

Significant results (P < 0.05) are highlighted in bold and marginally significant results bold and italics (P < 0.10)

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