Ecological Archives E093-071-A3

Nicole E. Rafferty and Anthony R. Ives. 2012. Pollinator effectiveness varies with experimental shifts in flowering time. Ecology 93:803–814

Appendix C. Seed set of focal, hand-pollinated field control, hand-pollinated greenhouse control, and, for Asclepias incarnata, open-pollinated plants of each phenological treatment.

   FIG. C1. Mean (± 1 SE) number of seeds set by plants with different weeks of flowering onset relative to the current date of first bloom (CDFB) for (a) Tradescantia ohiensis and (b) Asclepias incarnata. Focal flowers were allowed a single visit, field control flowers were hand-pollinated and placed in the field on the same days as focals, greenhouse control flowers were hand-pollinated and remained in the greenhouse, and open-pollinated control flowers were allowed unlimited visits. The SE values are presented for descriptive purposes only. A2 = advanced by 2 weeks, A1 = advanced by 1 week, D1 = delayed by 1 week, D2 = delayed by 2 weeks, D3 = delayed by 3 weeks, D4 = delayed by 4 weeks.

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